S U P P O R T I N G   

Luz is proudly supporting two local businesses.  Why?


The two business we have chosen to support care about and are invested in the well-being of our community and its future.  Local businesses are more accountable to their local communities and donate more money to non-profits.  As well, such businesses usually have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies and are therefore better for the environment.


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Intuitive Handmade and meaningful gifts that uplift the soul.
At Co.Creation we believe in making art and celebrating creativity in an organic way, allowing the creation of each piece to a joyful process that will bring not only beauty but also healing energy to you.
These handmade items have been thoughtfully made by Ingrid and Louise with all care and love in Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. 
All macrame products are created using 100% recycled cotton rope, ethically made overseas and purchased from an Australian supplier. 
The crystals that we use are all real and have received reiki from Ingrid which is a Reiki Master to enhance its properties and to bring healing energy to yourself. 
We would like to thank you for supporting a local business and hope you connect with our purpose and find something that you like!
With love, Ingrid and Lou. xx


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Products available to purchase at Luz