Chakras are points where the energetic and physical bodies meet. Imagine chakras like wheels constantly in motion. If these wheels are “stuck,” energy cannot move and we might feel out of whack.


The chakras are centers of energy forces located in our aura. The chakras capture vital energy and distribute it to the entire body. The energy that flows through the chakras can affect every aspect of our lives, for they are largely responsible for our health, balancing our entire physical body. They stimulate our well-being, our creativity, our emotional, psychic, and energetic states.


If the chakras are misaligned or blocked, the energy corresponding to that chakra stops flowing to the rest of the body, and we become "deficient" in that energy. This can affect our energy and immune system, because the chakras are all interconnected. When one chakra fails, all the other chakras are overloaded; and if there is a blockage that lasts for a long time, the overload in the other chakras can create physical, mental and emotional problems. However, because of the lack of energy flow, we are vulnerable in our physical system, and also subject to the harmful energies around us.


The chakras are the gateway to our energy field, to our aura. Everything in our body depends on the flow of energetic vibrations received and emanated by them and through them.


Realigning or unblocking the chakras provides the free flow of energy in our body, this encompasses subtle, energetic bodies, our aura and physical body. With the unblocking, the energy can flow freely through all the chakras, and each can then fulfill its function. This condition is essential for harmony with our body, our mind, our spirit, and, also, with the universe.


It is very important that our whole system is balanced to achieve good health, equilibrium and wholeness.


We have about 90 thousand chakras spread throughout our body, with 7 main chakras located along the spine that are connected to the physical body through endocrine glands.


The Chakra Alignment treatment provides


Increased ability to concentrate

More stable mind

Increased willpower, disposition


Strengthening of the nervous system

Decreased body tension

Emotional balance

Greater vitality

More stable mind

Increased willpower

Treatments I use for chakra realignment


Reiki, Crystal Alignment, Sound healing and Pendulum therapy


In my treatments, I particularly use some grouped techniques, such as dowsing for measuring the chakras, alignment with crystals added to the application of Reiki, because the energy emanated by the crystals is a catalyst for the Reiki energy, where we get even better and faster results. At the end of the session, a new measurement with the pendulum is done to check if all chakras are aligned.


1° - Base Chakra


Vitality, capacity for achievement, survival instinct

Glands: Supra-renal

Region: Base of the spine - coccyx, extending to the knees


2nd - Umbilical Chakra


Sexuality, purification, emotional reaction

Glands: Gonads

Region: 2 fingers below the navel - includes part of the intestine, ovaries, kidneys and lumbar region


3rd - Solar Plexus Chakra


Power, personal achievement, self awareness, wisdom, emotional life

Glands: Pancreas

Region: Mouth of the stomach


4° - Heart Chakra


Capacity to love oneself and others

Glands: Thymus

Region: Center of the chest


5° - Laryngeal Chakra


Capacity of expression, creativity and assimilation

Glands: Thyroid

Region: Throat


6th - Frontal Chakra


Intuition, understanding

Glands: Hypophysis

Region: Between the eyebrows


7th - Coronary Chakra


Spirituality, faith

Glands: Pineal

Region: On top of the head