T H E R A P I E S 

Holistic health or holistic healing is often defined as a form of healing that looks at the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. This kind of holistic healing often involves multiple complimentary medicines and alternative healthcare practices that can overlap with modern-day western medicine but will go beyond the singular treatment of symptoms to support more than just the body.

When all of these complimentary therapies come together for holistic healing, a person is much more likely to experience wellness on a deeper level that allows for a more joyful and truly healthy way of living.

T H E   I M P O R T A N C E  O F   H O L I S T I C   

While people are living longer today they also are experiencing chronically high levels of stress and fatigue, are consuming nutrient-depleted foods, and are exposed to hundreds of potentially harmful chemically through our air, water, cleaning, and personal care products daily. So to say that holistic health is important would be an understatement.

For many living with chronic disease and undiagnosable symptoms, the modern-day healthcare industry has failed them, and it is time that a more holistic, whole-body solution became a standard part of the way we treat and support the health of people living on this planet.

Holistic health also takes into account the many external and environmental factors which could be supporting or impacting our overall health and wellness, and with climate change impacting our surrounding environments more and more each day, it is important that we have a systematic way of addressing health in the future.



What Is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is a symmetrical, weighted object that is hung from a single chain or cord. It’s never made of a magnetic substance, but is often a crystal.  The pendulum is a very simple tool and one that lets the user tune in to intuitive powers.

What is it used for?

It helps in promoting spiritual and physical healing by locating any blocks in a person's chi (energy). It is a simple tool which helps in balancing, healing and clearing our mind and body by picking on subtle vibrations promoting:



Chakra balancing 

Aura cleansing

Spiritual healing and Inner growth

1hr 15 min - $70


Sound healing Therapy refers to a range of instruments in which sound is used to treat physical and mental conditions and improve physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Given that everything has a vibrational frequency, including ourselves, it makes sense that sound frequencies impact how we feel. As an ancient healing technique that uses tonal frequencies to bring the body into a state of vibrational balance and harmony, it works by lowering blood pressure, improving circulation and reducing respiratory rates. 

 The sound frequencies then slow down brain waves to a deeply restorative state, which activates the body's system of self-healing.


"Sound healing balances and clears the mind, and leads to a renewed sense of purpose, well-being, calm, and happiness." —Susy Markoe Schieffelin, sound healer


 – It helps clears energetic blockages


Some people experience deep healing during sound therapy as the sound vibration open, clear, and balance their chakras and release stuck energy. It’s like an “energetic deep tissue massage” that leaves you feeling balanced and replenished.

When healing takes place you can feel a sense of being hot or cold


- Deep relaxation is one of the most significant and universal benefits of sound therapy. “The sounds permeate our system returning it back to harmony”


What to expect:


Like with most alternative healing practises, everyone’s experience different and each session will be also different, what means new things may come up. Most people will feel very peaceful and relaxed during a sound healing session, some receive downloads, some have visualizations or a emotional break through….

 Each experience is UNIQUE … LIKE YOU!

$50 - 45min

$70 - 1hr 15 min 

$80 - 45min - Sound healing for two

$120 - 1hr 15 min - Sound healing for two

Crystal bowl sound healing_edited.jpg


Reiki is nothing more than an ancient healing method, which was rediscovered in 1922 by Mikao Usui.


REIKI is very simple, it can be used by anyone, without dogmas, rituals or philosophical concepts, not depending on any kind of belief or religious conception to promote healing.


As a complementary therapy, Reiki can be combined with traditional allopathic or homeopathic medicine (among others), amplifying the positive effects of medical techniques without undesired or side effects.


The benefits of Reiki vary from one individual to another, including relaxation and relief from symptoms of stress, pain, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia, among others.


We can say that Reiki:


- Reduces and relieves stress considerably by causing the body to feel a deep sense of peace, relaxation, comfort and tranquility;


- Helps in the cure of diseases such as cancer, reducing the side effects and harmful effects of chemotherapy;


- Helps in the quick recovery from injuries;


- Cleans, clarifies, and orders our energy field, aligning the chakras and improving the flow and distribution of energy through the body;


- Improves blood circulation;


- Acts in the detoxification of organs such as kidneys, bladder, intestines, and liver, and helps the proper functioning of the human body as a whole;


- Can be used in drinking water;


It can be channeled and directed to purify environments, removing bad energies through the symbols of Reiki;


- It can be used on children (babies), teenagers, adults, the elderly, pets, and plants.


We can use it for an infinite number of situations in our lives and for the most diverse needs. A good example is to use Reiki before situations that cause stress, worry, or a great discharge of energy, such as job interviews, university entrance exams, tests and competitions, surgeries, trips, etc.


I want to remind you that these were just a few examples, because the list of benefits that Reiki provides in people's lives and health is vast.


However, it is very important to emphasize that Reiki should always act as a complementary therapy to conventional medical treatment because Reiki accelerates all the regeneration processes (in addition, of course, to cellular detoxification), but never replaces them.


This is exactly why Reiki has been a great ally of Medicine. In Brazil, the country I'm from, Reiki has been promoted in major and important public and private hospitals in big cities like São Paulo.

$50 - 45 min

$70 - 1hr 15min